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PRAY ported intake and TB dyno results. 17/16rw.

I got my bone stock car on the dyno today. The Roto-fab didn't make it so I didn't get a chance to test it. I won't mention the company I ordered it from cause they are great guys but an honest goof up was made and the CAI was shipped to them from them. The funny part is it took a week to get back. So I just went to the dyno anyway. NBD

This is going to be a long post so for the non readers. I gained 17/16rw over my tuned stock intake and TB. The gains were from hit to quit. I only go a 100rpm or so if that, of rpm extension.



The long and short of it till I can get the graphs up is that this car is a trip from the factory. I dynoed it a couple weeks ago when it was warmer and it put down 381/391rw. But the fuel was 12.0-2 and it was pulling 3+ degrees of timing. Then today I made three base line pulls and it put down 393/413rw. The fuel this time was 12.8-9 and it only pulled .5* of timing in a couple places and averaged 24.5*. Both of these runs were on the bone stock car and tune corrected to SAE and smoothed to 5 on the same dyno. Only the weather was better today.

I started tuning with no hope of any gains. I was able to get to 401/417rw which is pretty darn good considering I have really no fuel and timing to play with. I then swapped the intake and TB on the dyno and let it rip. The first run was 417/435rw and the second run was 418/433rw. The best part, NO TUNING CHANGES. None. I didn't gain another hp with about 5 attempts to get more power out of it. Car just stayed within a hp/tq or two of the first runs. The TB is working great as well. No issues what so ever.

Now some data. I tried AFR From 12.6 to 13.2 and timing from 23*-28*. The 28* was not my intention. It seems that as soon as the stock tune saw KR it switched to the Low Octane table that averages around 24.5*. When I put my tune in I copied the STOCK High Octane timing table to the Low Octane table and let it rip. 28* is what I got. Once that was corrected and I got rid of 99% of the KR there really wasn't much to be had over the stock tune TODAY. I settled on 12.8ish and 24-25* of timing. I didn't keep pushing it down low even though it was taking it. I wasn't getting good hp returns for the risk of timing. I don't know what I would have gained if I would have tuned the car when I first dynoed it in the warmer weather. I am sure I would have ended up where I did today which would have made the tune worth 20rw, not the 8rw I got.

My DynCyl went up from .84 as the high at peak tq to .89 on the dyno today. On some street tuning on the way home I hit .91 where as at the track last Sunday I only hit .84. I averaged about .3-4 DynCyl for the entire curves and runs. My MAP KPA also went up from 93-94 KPA at the lowest to 95-96 at the lowest. The MAF went up about 100hz on average. These are rough quick looks at my logs. I will have to go through them when I have time later.

So it seems that maybe the ported stock stuff isn't so bad. I really wish I would have had the Roto-fab to finish up the dyno session today. I have a feeling I am going to see some good gains with it. I don't think 13rw or so would be out of the question now that the TB/Intake are not restrictions anymore. So in total I gained 25/20rw or 37/32rw depending on which base line you want to start with today with keeping the car looking bone stock. I am taking it to the track Sunday so we will see what I can get the car to run.
2016 2SS. H/C SBE 1.37 60ft, 6.36@109.49, 9.97@136+. Nuff Said.

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This is good info. Thanks for posting.
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Originally Posted by icon_636 View Post
This is good info. Thanks for posting.
I would like to see pic of the port job..
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That's a couple mods that are worth doing. Good numbers.
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I took a chance after talking with Pray and bought one of these intakes about 2 weeks ago. Pics will not do a lot of justice until it is physically in your hands. I was able to compare the stock unit side by side with this ported unit. The floor of the runners where it turns down has a much smoother transition. Simply running your finger in and out of the runners makes this evident. Surely one would think air would travel much easier thru this reworked port than the stock unit wich has some pretty notchy turns in comparison. At the time tho I had no clue if that was true as what one would typically think vs what a flowbench,data,dyno reveals can be painfully different. The roof of the runner at the turn also has more room now as well as the width of the runners. Hard to tell seat of the pants and I only give the typical "feels like it pulls strong" assessment. He was VERY confident it woud make more power and this post shows it to be true and has much more than a seat of the pants assessment to prove it. Personally going into this I figured in the 8-10RWHP region and id be happy with it. Good guy to deal with answered my standard 85 questions before I actually bought it lol. The nice part is no tuning is required and it does not take a hit anywhere in the curve. If your running a stock tune imparticular this is a great option cost wise vs say the MSD. I would like to see some real 3rd party testing of the MSD to see how it does beyond 5800RPMs at holding power. I wonder if a heads or cam swap will be needed to truly hold power steady to 6500 wich is where it cuts off.
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554/491 on E85 all work & tuning done by Pray
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Where are you guys purchasing these ported intakes? How much is the core charge?
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Originally Posted by pinoyscorpion951 View Post
Where are you guys purchasing these ported intakes? How much is the core charge?

I second this, I know about the ported Vmax throttle body, but I've not heard about a stock ported intake. I'm very interested.
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B.E.R ?

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I met Brett (PRAY) today for the first time at a dyno day event. Great guy!
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Thank you JFM-jr for the kind words. I am glad you are happy with your intake. There is a ton of work that goes into them and the TB. This community is all about helping each other out. TSloper definitely helped me out today. It was great meeting you Tim and I really appreciate the help.

So next up will be the Roto-fab and then I am going to test Tim's E85 kit. Then the blower is going on. I just have to find an E85 station closer than 40 miles.
2016 2SS. H/C SBE 1.37 60ft, 6.36@109.49, 9.97@136+. Nuff Said.
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Nice work

How much ? You porting these ?

How about cleaning up an msd ? May be even better...
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Nice to see power mods being worked in NC instead if Ohio and Florida for a change

PRAY.....do you have the post install dyno sheets available for review? I am def interested and since I am in clt, I can just drive up to Sanford, do the install and drive back within an afternoon.
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Everyone, I do all my own porting and port everything. Every GM LS/LT head, intake, TB, blower. I port all of the aftermarket heads, intakes, TB's and blowers as well. Everything is flow tested on my bench and then dynoed if at all possible.

For the LT intakes and TB's I maximize cross section and air quality. I won't say it stays completely laminar cause I haven't checked it. But air quality to the motor is much improved. I widen the runner to 6+" back to as close to the opening dimensions I can, I raise the roof and lower the floor as well. I smooth out all of the transition areas "bends" to ensure uniformity and contour. I heavily work the "short turn" of this intake. I widen and smooth it as well. I try to direct the air to where the head needs it. Inside the intake inlet, behind the TB I do a lot of contouring and shaping to ensure the greatest draw that can be placed on the TB is. Remember that N/A motors are a vacuum and you have to think backwards from the valve up. What is going to create the most draw on the TB is what you are looking for. On the TB it is more of the same, contouring and shaping. I also cut the blade shaft down to about 3-4mm to ensure it isn't an obstruction or creates turbulence. I hope this helps.

Blade, look up. The dyno graphs are in my original post, the explanation of the graphs is below it. Come on up any time brother. It would be great to meet you.
2016 2SS. H/C SBE 1.37 60ft, 6.36@109.49, 9.97@136+. Nuff Said.
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