John Force Reveals 2016 Camaro SS Funny Car

16 time champion John Force and Chevrolet have unveiled a brand new Camaro styled funny car.

“We’re real excited about it; there’s a number of reasons why,” Force said. “The car we race on the track is a car that we intend to sell the fans. So we want to be in 100 percent. And Chevrolet took it from the 2015 SS Camaro and went to work on it almost a year ago. Everything was done right.”

Force’s 2015 version was a carbon-fiber shell modified from its existing Ford Mustang base into a Camaro using the standard bodyline rules enforced by the NHRA.

Force and his team had no other choice but to take this route until the new design was completed. The Camaro SS Force unveiled Tuesday marks Chevrolet’s first official, from scratch, Funny Car body since the Monte Carlo introduction in 2004.

Check out more details and photos inside.

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