2016 Popular Mechanics Automotive Excellence Awards – Car of the Year: Camaro

Popular Mechanics announces its 2016 Automotive Excellence Awards and the 2016 Camaro grabs top prize as the Car of the Year!

The new Camaro needs no qualifiers. It’s just a kick-ass sports coupe, a BMW-eating hunk of A-game American engineering. Call it strategic borrowing. The chassis comes from the awesome Cadillac ATS. The magnetic ride control, electronic rev-matched downshifts on the manual transmission, active exhaust—that’s all Corvette stuff. So is the ferocious 455-hp 6.2-liter V-8 you get in the Camaro SS, the closest thing you can get to a Corvette with backseats. That means zero to 60 in four seconds flat. That’s serious hustle.

See the rest of the praise inside.

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