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Phastek Performance

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Old 11-09-2015, 12:39 PM   #1
The Dogfather
Drives: #1 off the line for a customer. '16
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My #1 produced order weekend fun times report!

Hello all,

I figured I would do my due diligence and post up the story of this whole event, from start to finish, answer questions and post up pictures later on and press keeps popping pictures and articles up left and right!

To begin... WHAT A WEEKEND! Even without my camaro being delivered to me and turning me into a media monkey and being everywhere... It was a FANTASTIC, ONCE IN A LIFETIME weekend! I was told by my dealership (whom also flew us down) that Chevy has invited us to have a VIP experience on Nov 7th during the XFINITY race day and we would be meeting with AO, Tom P and other GM execs then have lunch with them. We landed at Dallas Love Field Airport about 30 minutes later than we were suppose to but were picked up by the fleet manager, Michael (the guy I ordered my car from) in a brand new Suburban. We drove over to the Texas Motor Speedway where the FindNewRoads team had setup their demo cars, little did I know that we drove by the truck that actually had MY car in the trailer at the time! Which later on I will post up the pictures of the truck that personally picked up my vehicle from the plant parking lot and drove all the way down to the Huffiness Chevy @ Lewisville to get inspected.

After we got there around 1030am, met up with my friend Hughes and his girlfriend Julie there as they were there also. We walked around a little bit and checked out the gen 6 Camaros, they also had 2 Vettes, a Volt, Silverado, Malibu and a Diesel Colorado. After checking them out for a little bit, my wife and I were golf carted to get our full "HOT" pass which apparently was a FULL pass to anywhere we wanted to go during the event as well as ALL events in November (a monthly pass). Right before we got our passes, we met and were joined with Chevy ZONE manager, Chevy NASCAR Marketing manager as well as the Chevy Regional director for Texas area.

After we got our passes, they took us to the test drive area where they let us drive the 2015 C7 2LT as well as the Colorado. Which we were really glad that we could because, I was interested in trading in my 09 F150 that my wife drives for the Colorado as I love the design of it but realized it is way too small as we have a 92 pound female German Shepherd and will be adopting a male German Shepherd soon, and yall seen the pictures, I gotta hit the gym LOL... So I guess we will be upgrading to a Silverado now haha.

After the test driving, we all went back to the Gen6 staging area where my wife and I got to meet Tom P first and a minute later AO. This is when it truly started becoming a DREAM, it was just surreal... I've only ever heard of them, hear them in interviews that was recorded and put up on YouTube but here I am meeting them and talking to them face to face AND they also did know my name... So it was just unbelievable.

All 8 of us, after a meet and greet and talking, started walking over to the NASCAR Xfinity as well as the real big boys NASCAR garages and talking together all the way there, taking pictures and listening to stories, ideas and what the future holds for the Camaro. I did ask a few questions like if there were any Z cars or upgraded SS was going to be released, both AO and Tom at THE same time firmly said NO COMMENT! Then we just laughed a little and then AO said, don't worry. This is just the beginning of the new Camaro platform and no one will be disappointed. AO did tell me that this time around the extra options team and them started working together from the beginning unlike the gen5s which is why we are seeing all the extra parts being announced by Chevy. He also did say they are working on a lowering spring for MRC. Since MRC is already GODLY, they didn't prioritize MRC springs over the non-MRC. So we should be getting those soon as well which honestly... Is MEH. The car is fantastic lol.

After talking just 10 minutes talking with both AO and Tom.. I started getting a glimpse of how amazing Chevy truly is after their renewal (post bankruptcy). They TRULY do care for the enthusiasts and do listen to them, also do their best to make sure they get EXACTLY what they want! As some know that I have always been an import guy as it just seemed better for me and more suited for my driving tastes till the renewal which I did tell them that also went into detail to exactly why. They understood and were even happier with their creation.

After touring the garages, looking at the cars, taking pictures plus people watching we all headed to Fuzzy Taco's right there in the middle of the track for a fantastic lunch. Looking back at our lunch time, I had to apologize extremely sincerely to everyone at lunch after they surprised me with my vehicle because I really did complain to them about how the companies they are using for logistics are just horrible! I told them in 2 days my vehicle would have been built for a MONTH and still did not ship and how we had couple people on this very forum had their vehicles shipped that live in Texas whom's vehicles are going to Mesquite, TX just like MINE but mine hasn't shipped!!!!! I told them GM needs to forfeit the contract they have with their current logistic companies and get new ones!! So as you can see after how the events folded, I felt absolutely TERRIBLE but they all were actually even more happier than I bitched and moan about it because it made the whole event even more sweeter for them!

After lunch, we all walked over to the actually track as the drivers were being paraded in the back of Chevy Colorados and then proceeded to stand in front of the podium and listed to the God awful singing version of our amazing National Anthem. Just standing @ the finish line, you realize how actually steep the straight aways are let alone the banks... 1 of my legs was a good half a feet above my other leg! Right after the National Anthem, AO and Tom P were taken back to the FindNewRoads staging area to talk with the local gen5 camaro club and spend some time with them and apparently unannounced to me to prep for my surprise.

My wife, I, Michael@Huff and Chevy Zone + Regional managers all hung out at the pit for about 30 minutes or so after AO and Tom left and we were told to go back to the FindNewRoads staging area. After being there for about 15 minutes or so and just checking the other vehicles there AO came up to me and told me to follow him as he wanted to show me a new performance feature they added for the SS. As I started following him and as I cornered the semi trailer... There she was. At first, my wife started hitting me a little bit all shocked as she saw the garnet red with black wheels, for me I saw that and the quad tip exhaust as well and that's when it hit me saying Na uh, nope, no way, impossible... No way in hell. AO told me that is MY car and to go take a look at it, as I am walking to the driver side the driver door opens up and BAM, Danica Patrick comes out asking if that it is MY car and she is handing the keys over to me! I told her that is NOT possible, my car is still 3800!!!! Here is a video that GM did about it and you CAN hear me say it! I wouldn't try to open the video on your phone but on PC you can make it full screen. Michael @ Huff had ordered me a key chain had
HUFFINES CHEVROLET" inscribed to it.


After a gagilian pictures with Danica, my wife, AO, Tom and all, my wife and I did separate interviews in front of a camera as well which I have no idea how terrible THAT interview is as I was having an "out of body" experience. I was not able to use my brain at ALL. I was SHAKING, my hands, my knees... Had absolutely no train of thought, my freaking jaw was hurting from being open and smiling. After the interviews and pictures, I had to run away from the car to smoke so it would at least stop the shacking a little bit which help just a little bit I was still shacking like crazy!!!!

What a crazy event! It truly was surreal... Not only did we get treated like VIPs but the delivery of the car made it jump even higher than VIPs to something that doesn't even exist! I do not have any words to explain how amazing this whole weekend was... Once in a lifetime experience, surreal, godly... Nothing comes even close to it!

I cannot hate nor love enough all whom were involved in this suprise, including a few of our forum members because they knew too and didn't say anything!

After the event was over for us, they asked us if we wanted to watch some of the race and chill behind the pit stop just to watch it but of course I did haha. Drove the car straight to the dealership from the Texas Motor Speedway also did impeded traffic quite a few times because people at stop lights were taking pictures and talking to us, a whole other experience! When we got to the dealership, we finished the paperwork, onstar/xm and while finishing those up; Huffines added a extra paint protection package (fancy wax basically), extra exterior and interior detailing free of charge as well as.

I will reserve a couple posts below this to add my "report" to include my DRIVING experience. I did finish 1/3 of the break in already in a day haha. I have some catching up to real life sadly right now and won't be able to write MY whole review and experience about the car itself!

2SS, Garnet Red with Adrenalin red, NPP, MRC M6 coupe
#33 off the line #1 order for Customer.
Build thread HERE!
Story of my delivery HERE!

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The Dogfather
Drives: #1 off the line for a customer. '16
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Driving Review

Now time for the awaited driving experience review of mine. But right before I do that... I wanted to say what the "event" i mentioned earlier is. I got contact by Chevy Communications, whom were also the brainchild of this whole weekend. Their marketing division to be exact and they will be featuring me as well as the vehicle for their quarterly magazine release. They are sending out a journalist my way soon to do this article, I do not have any dates or anything yet as the journalist will be contacting me this week or next week at the latest!!! This whole deal is getting crazier and crazier... I haven't seen it yet but even CNN got wind of it too... I did know Fox News did along side of many other places lol.


Where to begin, I currently have 460 miles on the odo. Picked the vehicle up @ the Texas Motor Speedway with 3 miles on the odo with a half tank of gas which was most likely THE first fill up at the factory haha. Then proceeded to drive to Huffines Chevy Lewisville to finish paper work and then went to my great friend Hughes' house where in the pictures you do see my vehicle behind a Volt and C7 z51 lurking in the darkness. These were relatively short drives, 30-35 minutes to the dealership and 15 minutes to my buddy's house. My initial impressions of those short drives were that the vehicle was extremely balanced, clutch is extremely smooth and REALLY easy to adjust to unlike how my evo X 5 speed was. I didn't even stall the camaro once, sooooo easy to drive.

Interior is EXTREMELY spacious, yall saw the videos and pictures. I am 6'2 and 260 pounds, not a small dude by any means and I was EXTREMELY comfortable in that thing. Now, you won't see me trying to go into the back seat... But the back seat was meant for a place for your bags and not human beings but that is a different story. Driving position, seats, head space (i still have a good 5 inches above my head, seat height is the lowest setting and NO sunroof), arm and leg room is FANTASTIC. I have driven 2014 and a 2015 camaro v6 as rentals for about 5 days total and compared to that, gen 6 is so much more comfortable and relaxing as well. The door handles (inside), infotainment system box were plastic as well as some other places which seems cheap when you touch them however they are visually very pleasing AND when you do think about the rest of the interior, this is essentially a less than 40k vehicle. Not a BMW m3/m4/m5 or Merc AMG which all cost 60/70k + so truly no one should really complain. The seats are great quality, arm rest, knee pads (why didn't we have this in every single vehicle!!!!????), the steering wheel as well as the shifter are great quality which truly did please me. Now that I got a road trip out the way with it, I can say that I can EASILY go on road trips with this vehicle. Our trip was from brunchin Dallas, to Wichita Airport (where the truck was and had to pick it up lol), then to my father in laws place then to dinner and finally back home. A small mention to onstar (my very first vehicle with it), the HUD and the apple car play (my wifes phone, I havent even sync'd mine yet, been busy haha) are all FANTASTIC stuff. I still haven't done anything about the light spectrum or phone syncing or playing with the electronic side of things. I will probably end up doing that tomorrow or soon. Depends.

Even though the road trip was NOT as efficient as it could've been, as in... I could've just hit TOUR mode, put it in the 6th gear then just drive but I did not. I followed the break-in guides as much as I could as thanks to Sledgehammer for posting the manual, it was embedded into my brain. I have constantly changed my speed, RPMs, gears as well as just taking a side road for a little bit that ran adjacent to i35. The MPG ratings honestly were pretty bad to the reality of things. I ended up getting 23 mpg out of my trip and ONE tank of gas. I did NOT have to gas up AT ALL. 430 miles and I still have a little above empty fuel level. For about 20 miles, I was actually averaging (straight away, 6th gear, tour mode, no cruise control) 32 mpg which is just damn impressive. 6.2L v8, no AFM, m6 so I am sure we will end up getting 28-30 mpg easy unless there is quite a bit of hill climbing.

A couple of gripes that I could have had bothered me would be, yes... There is still a massive blind spot in the vehicle. Not as bad as the gen5 coupes but honestly, you can't say it is better either lol. I come from driving sedans to my very first couple. HOWEVER, I do have the 2SS with blind spot assist and that thing right there... Is absolutely an amazing system. If you set your mirrors just right, the system actually detect another vehicle coming and starts to light up before the vehicle is actually in your blind spot, so even without the system you could see a vehicle in your blind spot thanks to the mirror design. WITH the system however, you just become lazy as hell and just look if the light is flashing or not LOL. Another thing to "gripe" about would be the infotainment system is actually tilted down and not straight or towards the driver. HOWEVER, once you spend some time in the vehicle you do get very used to it and it does NOT bother you anymore. The usage of it is still very ergonomic and also since it is tilted down, there is absolutely NOT glare onto it from ANYWHERE.

And now... the performance!!! I figured I would write the performance part last to drive yall crazy as if I already wasn't LOL. Short version? IT IS AMAZING. I have been driving 480/500hp+ evos for the past 5 years and LT1 is just absolutely amazing. M6, the steering wheel and the LT1 actually go together like the perfect harmony they truly are and when you add the NPP with MRC it truly becomes mind blowing. Changing up the driver modes, it effects a lot of characteristic of the driving. Tour mode is your basic, chill mode. With NPP butterflies closing up, throttle response being extremely linear, it truly becomes a cruiser. When you kick the mode into Sport, steering wheel becomes stiffer, a little bit more responsive, throttle response becomes faster, NPP butterflies open up and you can start to really hear the LT1 growl and you start feeling the bumps a bit more than tour mode. Now when you kick it into track more... Shit just gets flat out real. Steering wheel is STIFF like morning wood (excuse my French but I really had to), throttle becomes insanely responsive (car actually kicks you in the lower back every time you feather the throttle), you now REALLY feel every single tiny little bump on the road. The different modes are TRULY DIFFERENT and YOU CAN TELL the difference as well. I have of course have NOT redlined the vehicle at all unless you count 3900rpm as redline lol. I will be doing my break in process as good as possible, do my oil change and actually start driving the vehicle. I can tell you that in track mode, in 3rd gear you can break traction on a straight road, you can easily break traction in first or second gear while turning but the traction system is absolutely fantastic, recovers the car within a second or two.

Before I had this experience with the gen6 SS and C7, I used to think people were crazy for at least not getting their vehicles an intake/xpipe or catback and a tune at least because vehicles are soooo restricted and truly not that much enjoyable because with a tune, they do change your throttle response which is the fun part. But with the LT1, and the way they have designed these cars... I truly can say that you can actually drive the car BONE STOCK and STILL enjoy the hell out of it!

Since I decided to write this tonight as I couldn't sleep instead of tomorrow like I planned to... I apologize for the terrible writing and I will edit it tomorrow even more lol. If you guys have ANY questions at all, please feel free to ask me and I will do my best to answer it!!!!

~ Turk
2SS, Garnet Red with Adrenalin red, NPP, MRC M6 coupe
#33 off the line #1 order for Customer.
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The Dogfather
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Pics, Article Links etc

Pictures from my cellphone, wife's cellphone as well as the DSLR we brought:

2SS, Garnet Red with Adrenalin red, NPP, MRC M6 coupe
#33 off the line #1 order for Customer.
Build thread HERE!
Story of my delivery HERE!

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congrats man. I am truly jealous!!!
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Was waiting for this post, congrats!!
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Congrats! This is great that Chevy did this!
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I have only one question for you.

Did you sniff the seat?

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Awesome set of events, congrats again!
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Congrats, how's the headroom interior?
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Congrats Tr6!

Congrats Tr6!
Attached Images

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congrats man, video is awesome.
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