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BeckyD @ James Martin Chevy

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Old 06-01-2020, 11:53 AM   #43
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Had a few instances myself. Never bite the bait though.

The usual ricers, specifically those of the JDM variety, tend to just do drive bys and hoping I want to play catch up with them so they can flex how they're winning in a race. I ignore them always. They never know when to stop.

Most recently it was going in a 35MPH zone. There was roughly 5 chargers who came up from behind while I was taking it easy. The lead from the pack, looked like a SRT, kept doing 35-40 pulls showing off his exhaust. I didn't bite the bait at all. He proceeded to do this for 5 straight mins until I turned away. My wife was with me and noticed they kept trying to get my attention and making eye contact. I figured they weren't worth my time. As I turned away I then realized the trailing 4 chargers were just straight piped V6s playing follow the leader and thought I was some kind of challenge to their pack. I had a tough time not responding back though since I wanted to see how I lined up with a 392.

Then in my general neighborhood there's a lot of clapped out Mustangs. There's one individual in particular who owns a foxbody mustang. I'll admit it's very clean and looks like it was restored. His favorite pass time to revving it up and down the street. I was in a parking lot and he noticed my car. His first response was to start revving his car then proceed with doing donuts in the parking lot In my other run ins the kid would do a ricer driveby. I always think to myself "2 gears later of WOT and he barely covered any ground".

Lastly there's my friend who owned a 2016 GT; only time I bit the bait. Made a wager he would beat me. I proceeded to smoke him in race stock vs stock on a 60-65 roll. This is him jumping on the second honk inclusive. Then he went on to make a post in his Facebook mustang group asking how to beat a stock camaro. They suggested he get some bolt ons and a lund tune; this will "smoke me". So he did exactly this, got almost full bolt ons. I think he was missing a proper intake manifold (Looked stock. either it's something else or just painted). We did a 20 roll, I missed a shift (My dumbass at the time thought paddles was the way to go) but still reeled him in on the low end. Never got to the high end. He ended up selling the car not too long after. Got a truck. Sold it. Got a 2002 Mustang with hashtag terminator on his instagram but turns out it's not even the terminator model. Now he's planning on selling that and get himself a fatcat Charger. He'll probably beat me now at least so his ego can regain a bit :P
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Old 06-02-2020, 01:43 AM   #44
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Hasn't happened in my Camaro yet, but it did when I had my civic. My civic (2017 sport touring) was completely stock, save for the stereo and I didn't consider it a performance car at all, however if you have ever seen the current hatchback civics, you know they look pretty sporty. I had a guy that lived in the same neighborhood as me try to race me in his Z all the time. I never took the bait.
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Old 06-02-2020, 07:10 AM   #45
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Haven't had any issues with my new Camaro but did get this every once in a while in my C7. Did have a Camaro pull up beside me at highway speeds and sit there for a minute or two wanting to go. Go where, lose my license, kill myself in a car wreck or get my car impounded for racing? Dumb ass !!
2020 RS Vert
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Old 06-02-2020, 09:44 AM   #46
Drives: Camaro SLE
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I was side-by-side with another Camaro last week at a red light, and I really did not want to engage. Mostly because it was unsafe but also because I thought I’d either lose traction or stall it. Thank goodness we were both very civil and went on our way.
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Old 06-02-2020, 05:30 PM   #47
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Drives: 2018 2SS 1LE
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The one and only time it happened to me was on I-395 in CT, speed limit 65, light traffic, about an hour before sunset last summer. I was in the right lane with the cruise control set at 70 heading home from my golf league. I could see a BMW coming up fairly fast behind me in the left lane, looked like an M car. He got next to me, slowed to my pace for about a minute or so, and was on and off his throttle being obvious he wanted to race. I'm not a street racer, so I just sat there in the right lane with the cruise still at 70, and watched him floor it after he realized I wasn't taking the bait. The badge said it was an M5, and it was a newer one. When I got home and checked the computer, I saw that car is just over 600 hp.
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