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It will be interesting to see your FEEDBACK on these brakes. For me, the PAD THICKNESS and EASE OF CHANGE-OUT out would be a HUGE benefit!

You MAY not find that much additional time on the track if you were comfortable with the previous brake set up, BUT I think the BENEFITS with the AP RACING products are HUGE. Pad thickness (More laps with 1 set of pads), SS Pistons, unsprung weight loss, not to mention a TRUE TRACK focused braking setup versus an OEM COMPROMISED road/track setup.

I would definitely LOVE a set of these! I would do this modification before ANYTHING else to the car other than track wheels. With the speeds our cars are capable of and the WEIGHT, it would be GREAT to have this upgrade!

Good LUCK and we will be waiting on your REVIEW!


Originally Posted by sr71bb View Post
Ok well THIS saturday I will be out at Motorsports Ranch Cresson TX on the 1.7 CCW to see if I can do a personal best with these FRONT AP Racing Brake set up.

A few notes at to WHY I chose this specific set up. First off I chose to get the CP9668 Caliper set up. This SPECIFIC caliper allows you to run the THICKER brake pads. To be exact 25MM brake pads (1 inch thick). This brake pad is almost TWICE as thick as the pads used with a ZL 1LE caliper as a comparison.

There are TWO versions of the CP9668 caliper set up and the HEAVY DUTY version which I opted for uses a D62 PAD (pad radial width is 62MM). The NON-Heavy Duty version uses a D54 PAD (pad radial width is 54MM)

WEIGHT Savings. This BIG BRAKE kit is 20 POUNDS Lighter than a stock ZL1 1LE set up. The CALIPERS DO NOT use piston boots (they are bootless). The pads can be changed out in a few minutes by loosening TWO 6MM Torx bolts. They also provided a spring clip that you can use INSTEAD of the two 6MM TORX bolts but THEN you cant use the anti-rattle clips.

I chose the 390MM rotor setup although technically you could choose to go with the 372MM Rotor (they use these on Corvette C8 set up).

I opted to get the anti-rattle clips for the calipers. These clips will keep the pads from making alot of racket as they shift as pressure is being applied to them. For a track car its NOT Necessary but for a street car, they are a MUST.

So the bottom line is I chose the largest rotor available, biggest caliper and widest PAD. I verified that THEY WILL fit inside my 18 x 11 APEX EC7 ET25 wheels. Essex offers a template which you can print out and then I transferred to a piece of poster board and then I checked it on a loose wheel.

Just to be on the safe side, I sent the template to APEX Wheels and their engineers CONFIRMED that the 18 inch wheels I currently have had enough clearance.

I purchased TWO sets of brake pads with the big brake kit. I got a set of FERODO 3.12 track pads which I will run saturday. The second set which is installed currently is a set of FERODO 2500 PADS. This is their high performance street pad and I have been pleased with them so far.

In case you were not aware, BREMBO owns AP racing which is a distributor for www.essexparts.com.

There is a WEALTH of information on their website regarding their offerings complete with videos.

Anyway, more to come later!!!!
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Originally Posted by sr71bb View Post
Well I also used these pads as my street pads as well so in that regard they were decent because they definitely were better on the street than the stock brembos were but just not as track capable as the hawks
I see, so better than the hawks on the street as well
2018 ZL1; Mag 2650, 2" LT Headers and intake, a bunch of SPL suspension upgrades, YYZ springs, sway bars, APEX wheel and SC3R's
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I didn’t realize that OEM brakes a were a compromised system myself.
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