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Lightbulb DIY: Heated Mirrors Upgrade (Wiring Harness)

I can't tell you all how much I love heated mirrors - it's a silly thing, but to me, they're the best. I did a similar upgrade on my 2013 1LT thanks to a DIY write up by Yzark99. While that project on the 2013 model ended up being plug-and-play, it wasn't quite that easy on my 2018 1SS.

After researching and troubleshooting with my better half, we discovered it's not as tough as we expected - he whipped up a wiring harness and boom, those mirrors are clearing off mist/moisture (but not frost yet, since it's June ) as expected.

Here are the materials used:
  • OEM side mirrors (purchased from eBay)
    (As an aside, I couldn't find any listed to fit a 2016-2018 Camaro, but did find them listed as fitting the 2019+ models...they fit fine.)
  • T-Taps with Quick Disconnects
  • Inline Fuse Holder
  • 10 amp ATO Fuse
  • Yellow crimp butt splice connector (with heat shrink)
  • Electrical crimpers
  • Lighter for the heat shrink

Thanks to KirkH for the write up on removing/replacing the mirrors themselves, I won't get into that again here:

Some backstory on the troubleshooting efforts for those interested:

  • I installed the mirrors hoping to have the same good fortune as the 5th gen project (plug-and-play) but quickly found they weren't coming on with the rear defroster
  • After consulting the wiring diagram on the service manual CD (also an eBay purchase) I realized the OEM mirrors have a dedicated fuse in the trunk fuse box. I got excited and dashed out to the car - saw no fuse in the slot and thought it was going to be as simple as dropping a fuse in - but sadly, no, that slot in the fuse box is blank/has no connections
  • From there, I fully expected to have to run wire from the doors to the trunk to get them going, so we put the project off for a few months but when I finally got bored enough to take the door panel apart again, things got interesting.
  • We discovered that the wires from the wiring diagram were indeed in place (not just on the mirrors, but on the car side as well). After testing continuity in several places, we found that the wires were run all the way back to the fuse box (just not terminated in the box itself) - which meant the wiring would be minimal
  • Using the above supplies, he built a wiring harness which I will detail below. If you're a visual person like me, please refer to the attached diagrams - it'll probably make a lot more sense

Building the Wiring Harness (see diagram):
  • Start with an inline fuse holder and a 10 amp fuse (the ones linked above are the exact ones we found at our local O'Reilly's)
  • On one end of the fuse holder, use your electrical crimpers to attach a yellow quick disconnect
  • On the opposite end of the fuse holder, use a yellow crimp butt splice connector (with heat shrink) to attach two short wires (we used what we had on hand - black 14 gauge). Use a lighter to seal the heat shrink.
  • On the end of each of the two new wires, attach an appropriately sized quick disconnect (blue fits 14 gauge)
  • Congratulate yourself, you just built a wiring harness

Connecting the Wiring Harness (see photos):
  • Connect a yellow t-tap to the brown/violet wire at pin 49 on the fuse box. Once connected, plug the yellow quick disconnect into the t-tap.
  • Connect a red t-tap to each of the brown/yellow wires (located at pins 26 and 42 in the fuse box). Once connected, plug the two remaining quick disconnects to the t-taps.
  • Ensure everything is securely connected and tuck it into the fuse box, put the cover back on, and reassemble your trunk.
  • Get excited when your mirrors defrost/defog when you turn the rear defroster on

I've gained lots of knowledge from this forum in the last several years, so I hope this contribution will help someone else!
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