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AWE Tuning

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Old 11-23-2020, 10:00 AM   #85
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Originally Posted by gtfoxy View Post
That could be an interesting topic. Consider starting your own thread about it.
I am, But it will start with the pics you're waiting for and that I promised you.... I'll do my best to get some of them to model with the RHD ZL1 #325 of 375 made. Let's see if I can make it happen safely..... I mean the car's safety, that area can be crazy.
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Originally Posted by KingLT1 View Post
100.00 a hour x 17 hours would be 1700.00 + pump cost. I am sure it could be done for even less then that by a fair and competent mechanic. Dealerships love to overcharge for stuff. Some of us here are fairly mechanically inclined and can work on cars which is why I shared my opinion. I wouldn't take my car to the dealer because warranty was never and never will be a concern of mine with toy cars. If I break it, I can afford to fix it, or it can sit until I get time to fix it.

If I was in the market I would of jumped on a Hyper blue 2017 A10 1 owner with 4k miles for 49k that I seen locally. Pretty sure you won't find a 2019+ for that cheap. Also 2020+ A10's transmissions can not be tuned, so that would be a no go for me. I also don't prefer the 2019 taillight's as much as the 2017-18 but I wouldn't have a issue buying a 2019 if the price was right.

We can all have different opinion's and get a long here. You shared yours and I shared mine. I am not afraid of a potential oil pump issue or losing GM warranty if the deal is right on the car. You apparently are and that is ok.

I did a lot of work on my last project, LS Turbo Blazer, but once it was done I just drove it for several years, in that time I had to pull the front diff & change the pan cause the guy that welded it didnít seal it up good enough & it had pin-holes so it seeped oil. Also had to change a cam sensor. When I got my GTO I had plans for that, Only to discover the prior owner had stripped the crank snout, I was going to put in a new crank & turbo it, but I think I just got burned out on it all after decades of messing with not only my stuff but other peoples as well so I cleaned up the crude tune it had & just got rid of it.

Now that I have a newer car & warranty Iím just enjoying driving it while doing minor maintenance myself.

I have plans for this one, years away, but when I do it it should be a pretty fun endeavor.
Itís an Auto, because reasons & shit.
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I respect you guys who do major engine work, I don't have the garage space or time anymore. Bigger concern for me though is what other damage might occur if the pump fails - I wouldn't want to take that risk to save $3-4k on an '18 vs a '19
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