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Old 08-15-2019, 08:55 PM   #1
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GM to provide all camaro owners with a free hotdog

So as Camaro owners I think we all enjoy reading any old nonsense about our cars but I just found a fake news article generator and now I'm having fun generating my own fake camaro news. Make your own at https://grover.allenai.org

Fake Article
GM to provide all camaro owners with a free hotdog
August 15, 2019 - Paul Krugman
One of the surest ways to impress an old lady — well, if not to impress a 12-year-old — is to buy her a buns-and-buns hotdog. That's exactly what General Motors is promising all the Camaro owners.

The hotdogs will come courtesy of Dave Rebman, a Tesla Supercharger and Tesla Model X driver who went to see what the fuss was about when GM announced that it was making the new Camaro available as an electric version. He replied that he had an idea: Let the other Camaro drivers stick around and do what Americans are supposed to do with airplanes — which is to make sure they sell.

"I'd love to buy one," Rebman said to me over the phone. "I think it's going to be amazing." That's perhaps a surprising statement, given Rebman's early support for the Tesla, which rebounded from a great 2017 slump to post record sales in 2018.

"But it might not be that," Rebman said, conceding that he, like many critics of the car, is skeptical about its on-the-road performance. He doubts the car can handle the hectic freeway. "Maybe it's a good starter car," he said, but "I wouldn't want to carry kids in it."

Rebman saw something important in the Camaro: "There are some features of GM, maybe the last time they did something that was really new, they built their most beloved product, the Corvette." That's because Corvette, as opposed to Camaro, had tried to do something new at first — redesign the chassis of an existing car, which makes it safe to launch an all-new one from the factory. When the new version of the Corvette was just starting to take off in the 1970s, and Camaro was stuck with the old, the older car was dumped in the river at the back of the assembly plant.

Well, history does repeat itself: The Camaro and Corvette are based on the same platform, but unlike the Corvette, the Camaro — like the Tesla — does not actually sell very well. (True story: Tesla won't admit this, but the Camaro is actually a tiny fraction of their overall sales.) That means both GM and Tesla are struggling to make their latest products look attractive and relevant to the public, even though they're relatively similar in power. If you want to feel confident about how the two electric cars will do on the open road, or how exciting they are to drive, look at the vintage Camaro you drive in your garage.

In addition to electric, that's where the Camaro and Camaro Plus come in. These are the seventh-generation Camaros, which were introduced in 1997 and which rebounded sharply last year with the iconic appearance of the V8 Camaro. GM actually had pretty good intentions when it made the discontinued 8.4-liter V8 available — it was supposed to be good for 365 horsepower, slightly more than the new Camaro's 272. But it just didn't sell enough, and the dealer's stock of the old 8.4-liter V8 stock was gone before half the new 9.4-liter V8 models had arrived. Rebman said he quickly bought one.

"I like it because of the great engine," he said. "The way you handle it is different, the way you drive it is different, and I like that kind of difference." That's also probably right: You don't see many people driving the old versions of an automobile like the Camaro, even though there's a new version around every year.

But just because GM struggled to sell the old V8 Camaro doesn't mean it won't sell more of the new ones, says Rebman, who estimates that as many as five new Camaros are sold every hour nationwide. "All the dealers are hustling to get their stock," he said. And Rebman adds that two years ago, he was able to get a Camaro Plus for just $14,000, compared with $16,000 on dealer lots this year. So Rebman wonders: How much trouble are all these Camaros making at the moment, just as they seem destined to become something special?
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Haha that is pretty nice.

Mustard and Ketchup in my hot-dog please!
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I didn't have time to read the whole article. Bottom line is ...where do I get my Hotdog?
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Old 08-16-2019, 11:12 AM   #4
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If they think just one fake hot dog will be enough, they are outta their ever-lovin' fake minds!

I need at least two fake hot dogs, loaded with fake onions, fake chili, fake spicy mustard and covered in fake cole slaw.
From reading the comments, it appears that by owning a Riverside Blue 2019 convertible, I am in possession of the ugliest, slowest, least desirable vehicle that General Motors has ever produced in its 111 year history. I shall endeavor to persevere.
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