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Phastek Performance

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Old 05-09-2022, 05:41 PM   #57

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Originally Posted by CamOnlyJabroni View Post
You canít even alter the dyno it was on. The operator forgot to let off the button. Eat crow elsewhere. I will gladly take the car back and lay 700 down on a new mustang dyno. I already contacted the shop again.

I just talked to the owner. I specifically said I had a prick on the forums bashing things when all Iím trying to do is post information to help folks. He isnít going to charge me and we are going to make pulls with just this car. Thanks for the motivation cupcake.
I think your numbers are good but the squgglies started at like 5900rpm so it wasnít the button
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Old 05-10-2022, 08:40 AM   #58

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Originally Posted by wnta1ss View Post
Wait, you made shit up by 'adjusting' the numbers, without including that information along with your fantasyland numbers, then you falsely accuse me of a shit post?

Yes the dyno graph is messed up on the horsepower reading. The car shifted on the dyno...not sure if that caused it. Either way the fact that it made 700wtq should tell you the car is making good power for the mods...especially for being on a MD. I figured it would make 650-660whp on a MD. Again I am not really concerned about the Dyno numbers. The data logs tell me all I need know.

There is no false accusation...your initial post was shit plain and simple. Meaning being a disrespectful prick from post numero uno. You clearly missed the intentions of my post...Again it had a lot of sarcasm factored in. Hence the green emoji smoking...I posted that because I assumed another member who is the king of correction factor might read this.
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I agree with the others on this post that the real peak hp value is about 660 whp, give or take. Don't be so easily offended when someone points out an error. It is obviously not a "real" 725 whp, that value came from the "squiggly" peak at the end of the curve, which isn't real. If this was my curve, I'd take the image and put it in Bluebeam and measure based on the hp scale on the end. You could get pretty close that way. Given the deviations are 150 hp, it's hard to be precise without measuring it out. You could probably get +/- 5 hp if you measured it.

Dyno numbers don't really mean much to me. Trap speed means a lot more in context with the DA, and next in line 60-130 mph times in context w/ DA.
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