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Here's what I've learned through personal experience. If your particular vehicle makes more power from added timing that 93 octane can't provide, then yes added octane will make a difference. Of course you will need to tune for it to take full advantage. Say for example you are at 26 degrees of timing on 93 octane, but add 2 degrees and still make the same power. Then adding more octane and timing won't help much (except for allowing less timing to be pulled under certain circumstances) because your particular setup was pretty much optimized on 93 to begin with. Some setups can reach their max performance on 93 without the need for higher octane, and without fear of knock. It really just depends. Of course the higher octane can provide a bit of a safety net, but that's not the same thing
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Originally Posted by radz28 View Post
The OEM tune is calibrated for 93-octane (it says it right in the manual), so people on 91 will likely be getting some knock and lose power through the PCM pulling advance.
While it does imply this, it does not state it (that I can find). It also explicitly states that the 6.2L non-SC engine can use fuel with an octane rating as low as 87 and the SC engine can use fuel with an octane rating as low as 91.

Originally Posted by radz28 View Post
MMT is the additive that gives the fuel it's knock resistance (very simply). If the product has enough MMT to be effective (i.e. Race-gas, Boostane, Torco), then you'll likely be getting the orange soot. If it doesn't have MMT, it probably is not really going to effect your octane much, if anything. MMT, apparently, also is what kills sensors and emissions devices. The products I listed above all have higher MMT-content than most other products claiming to increase octane, and there are other product lines, within these brands, which have even higher MMT-content, allowing more resistance. This additional MMT-is also why you won't find (not that I've seen anyways) statements saying these products are guaranteed not to impact emissions devices or anything. I'm fine with that. O2 sensors and even cats', are too big a deal to have to deal with replacing, IMO.
In the case of MMT, the owner's manual explicitly calls this out as a prohibited fuel additive to use in the car.

"Do not use fuels with any of the following conditions; doing so may damage the vehicle and void its warranty:


"Fuel containing metals such as methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl (MMT), which can damage the emissions control system and spark plugs."
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