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Old 03-11-2018, 05:35 PM   #43
Drives: 2017 Camaro SS
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Originally Posted by warriordave927 View Post
Op it sounds like your a good friend to your buddy,youve defended him and tried to prove his innocence and the other guys guilt,if he offered to pay he recognizes that he was in the wrong,switch roles with him and put your self in his spot,if you were in his spot and caused a similar incident where you caused somebody to kick his car i assume you would offer to pay for repairs,so dont feel bad about him being out some cash because this was his fault even if it was just a couple of word,he provoked the other guy
Of course I would, I actually puked in his uber on Thanksgiving eve...paid him the $150 charge the next day. Sh*t happens, and a common theme I guess is alcohol plays a small role lol... Live and you learn, the Car is a just a machine and much easier to replace than someone. My car will never touch the asphalt in that city ever again. I should have driven the beater but the Camaro sat all week it needed it's legs stretched.
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Old 03-11-2018, 08:46 PM   #44
Drives: Silver Ice 2017 Camaro SS
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Location: California
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as some others have said try PDR and if doesnt work out get a carbon fiber fender

its cool/ the right thing to do on your buddys part to offer to pay for it. If you can get it done on your own dime thats cool I doubt anyone with a camaro is living paycheck to paycheck. people on this thread need to calm down.
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Old 03-11-2018, 08:58 PM   #45

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Drives: 08 Tiburon GS, 2018 Camaro 2.0T
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Just for your info, I had my car completely scratched, dented, torn from bumper to bumper by a guy in a parking lot. I wasn't even in my car. Obviously I did nothing. But since they weren't able to find the other driver, my insurance rate went up by 15%.
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Old 03-11-2018, 09:28 PM   #46
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Drives: 2016 Camaro SS Vert.
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Originally Posted by Rock-It Man View Post
Don't go to Atlantic City again, either.
For anyone who’s been to AC lately, you’ll quickly realize what a dump it really is. Every possible low life creature roams those streets at all hours of the day. A while back while l was waiting in a parking lot, I had a hobo open my passenger door and jump right in. Caught me off guard and Scared the bejesus out of me. I haven’t been back since and probably never will.
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Old 03-11-2018, 09:46 PM   #47
Drives: 1987 Buick Grand National
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Originally Posted by TrickracenLS3 View Post
I would have kicked your car to for being an A-hole. Yes he was wrong, but you guys didnt make it any better. Your buddy was yelling, but for him to kick your car, you had to stop. so its on you!
You must be pretty tough irl man.
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Old 03-12-2018, 10:57 AM   #48
Drives: 2017 NGM ZL1
Join Date: May 2015
Location: Galloway, OH
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Originally Posted by ChevyCav View Post
I did a little research, I guess this would fall under my comprehensive insurance...costs $0 deductible. Should I still do out of pocket (make him pay anyways)?
I didn't read through the whole thread so someone may have said this already, but if I were you I'd look into paintless dent repair. I've seen some crazy stuff repaired. Should be pretty cheap maybe a couple hundred
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Old 03-12-2018, 11:12 AM   #49
Drives: 2017 Camaro SS
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Got a quote for $200 for PDR. He said "thats pretty bad dent man, you may need a new panel but I'm pretty good so I'll do it for $200" Lol, so I'm hoping its doable. Is there anything underneath I should be worried about damaging? I looked and it looks like a little bit of foam and like a reservoir looking thing...however it was just a kick I don't think it would have a enough force to damage anything underneath just enough to dent sheet metal.
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Old 03-12-2018, 11:14 AM   #50
Drives: 2017 50th Anniversary
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Location: illinois
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First. Your friend is an immature jack hole. Second, teach him a lesson by making him pay for the damage. Hard to tell from the pics but I can see a dent right at the top of the fender. You can try paintless dent removal but personally i've never seen that type of repair done to my satisfaction.

Odds are this is going to require fixing the dent and a repaint which is going to be expensive. Let you buddy pay. Maybe he's learn a lesson that will save his life some day.
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Old 03-12-2018, 11:24 AM   #51

Drives: 2017 2SS, 50th pkg, M6, MRC, NPP
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Location: Ocean City, NJ
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The PDR guy may have to drill some access holes in the door jamb to get tools in there and get the right leverage. If the paint is not cracked/chipped this should be fixable with PDR. Watch the whole video I linked to above to see what's involved. It takes a lot of skill to get that panel crease perfect again. The sheet metal should be quite flexible in that area and, as long as your PDR guy is talented, all should be fine. $200 great price. I think the dent video I linked to above was a 2 hr. job. This is not easy or fast work.
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Old 03-12-2018, 05:09 PM   #52
Drives: 2017 Camaro SS
Join Date: Dec 2017
Location: East Coast
Posts: 53
So it's back from the PDR guy, he did a decent job. He said it was worse than initially picture because the side panel hit a supporting structure and something else underneath and cause little ripples or dimples...also the kick caused dents far away from the epicenter that affected a large area of the panel. However it did come out pretty good, you can still see that something happened there but first glance over it's not really noticeable. I called my buddy he said "Bro just replace it and I'll pay for it" I told him it's not a huge deal it looks a lot better and I'm pretty satisfied. The guy told me he could have his buddy take it off pound it out, grind it, sand it etc... then paint it and it will look brand new but it would tack on a few hundred obviously and he would need my car for two days. Idk I might do it but I think I'm just over it and content with the repair right now. I would upload pictures but it's raining now. Will do so at a later date.
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Old 03-21-2018, 08:34 PM   #53

Drives: 2017 2SS, 50th pkg, M6, MRC, NPP
Join Date: Jan 2016
Location: Ocean City, NJ
Posts: 1,618
I would like to see the pictures. There is really a lot involved with this technique. I'm guessing to fix your dent perfect is probably a 3 hr. job. But the guy can't quote you a 3 hr. price or he won't get the job. I'm basing that on a lot of youtube videos I have watched where they tell you how long they really spend on the dents. The tools aren't cheap either!
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Old 03-22-2018, 06:42 AM   #54
Drives: '17- 1ag37 V6 traded, for 1SS 2018!
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I have been an owner for only 6 months, but it was my lifetime DREAM to have something special to drive around, especially with a sudden health issue that I never planned on.
I quickly realized there are a few places you do not take your pride-and-joy.
1. Don't park it anywhere near Wallmart.
2. Stay outta inner-city areas! (including hospital parking lots, casinos, etc.)
(think that covers about 90% of places not to go.)
Just my 2 milligrams.
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Old 03-22-2018, 06:51 AM   #55
Papa Smurf
Cobalt SS Owner to Camaro
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I'm sorry to hear about this man. Some people can be so Ignorant in this world and not respect others property.
-17 Chevy Camaro 2.0T-Own
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Old 03-22-2018, 11:23 AM   #56
Drives: 2020 SHOCK SS 1LE
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Your friend is an idiot. If all parties were okay, what's the point of being a dingbat and escalating the situation? People are F'n crazy these days.

The friend should feel responsible to pay for damages.
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