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BeckyD @ James Martin Chevy

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Drives: Chevrolet Camaro 2.0T EU
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Location: Germany
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Looking for some advice

Hey there guys

im living in germany and owning a chevrolet camaro 2.0T 2019 pre facelift as a daily driver since german sporty cars like the GTI are too boring looking for me and you see them around every corner. So i decided to go with the camaro even to its not the v8 but im having a blast and its looking amazing.

Now im looking for some upgrades and i already got the zzp silicone intake tube and k&n airfilter for the turbo sound which is addicting to listen to and the added responsiveness for the turbo is a bonus.

Now im not very sure which way to go for my camaro and what makes sense to upgrade and what to leave alone for a purely daily driver.

Im thinking about using the remote tune option from zzp but i read that i HAVE to send in my TCU to unlock it, is this true even with the remote tune? Does the TCU has to be tuned or can i get a tune without it being touched? WWhat is the benefit of modifying the TCU?

How restrictive is the stock exhaust system in the camaro? Do i have to change it for more than just sound? I´ve heard the zzp downpipe will make some difference but how big is the difference and could i get away with leaving the downpipe and exhaust oem?

Im not looking to make the camaro balls deep for mods but i want to wake it up a little bit because it is a bit sluggish. I read some threads where claiming the complete stock camaro will make something like 230hp at the wheels which i completly belive. Just from the feeling my last car which had around the same hp was faster but i could be wrong about that since i dont have anything to back that up.

Oh yea if that helps the camaros sold over here are fully loaded with every goodie you can have i belive atleast from certified dealers and not some grey import guys who sell savage vehicles for a much lower price. Not sure if that makes a difference for tuning advice or not but i thought i mention that.

Would highly apprechiate some help and thanks for reading.
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