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When building an Olds Engine you needed to spend a lot of time with the oiling system enlarge the oil holes in the crank, go with a high volume pump larger oil pan etc.
I had only small block Chevy engines never had anything bigger so can't comment on them
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Drives: 80 Cutlass 403, 2010 FF RT
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I had the 305 in my 79 Cutlass ended up replacing it because of Cam failure and I didn't want to spend money on a turd of an engine picked up a 350 Chevy it was good engine for awhile then had a litter collapse more Cam issues replaced with nice Edelbrock unit with intake and Chain ran good for a little bit then valve seats had the classic blue smoke on startup (Classic Chevy Issues in the 80's with their small blocks)
After that I would never have a Chevy in an Olds.

In the years working at dealership the biggest issue with the 305 and 350 was Cam issues, we always had a police car Vette or Camaro in the back having the engine worked on.
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Originally Posted by shaffe View Post
MT did a little comparison of the GT350 and GT500.


I wonder when they are going to be able to do their full line of testing
So now they're going with objective data to choose the winner eh? LOL! I guess all that GT350R magic and the exhaust sound and how it just looks soo good and how there's just something about it and how the high revs is all nothing. Now it's all about the extra HP and the trap speeds and the huge brakes and the difference in the quarter mile. LOL!! And now the $94K CF version wins only based on objective data. I guess these goofballs felt they had to protect the GT500 so it wouldn't lose to the ($20K cheaper) GT350R.

But it'll be back to subjective comments when the ZLE beats the CF and the ZL1 beats the Base around a track. Then it'll be all how the GT500 is a better car to live with and they can drive it easily and it has a DCT and the steering wheel feels nice and the seatbelt is amazing and the sound guys like the hood vents...
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