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Originally Posted by Evil-Bee-NH View Post
There are several things that should be asked what the dealership your using says should be your go somewhere else or stay with them decision. Here's a few things I've compiled to ask if I was to buy a used LTG.

1. Was it a rental? Yes I know most rentals were V6's but there's always a possibility.

2. Was it at any time modified or tuned? They can check the flash counter for this there are some ghost tunes but if they checked hard enough they could pick-up obvious changes.

3. What's the warranty? I'd demand factory warranty extension but that's just me because your inherting someone else's possible mistakes.

4. Check the timing cover for oil seap. Some of these timing cover gaskets are poorly QC'd

5. If it's an A8 demand the TSB be performed on the car before signing also if it's 10k plus miles i'd have them check for TC damage or have it in the paperwork to be covered if shudder returns. The new GM 2019 Fix is a Band-Aid fluid excuse again but there's reports they are flashing TCM calibrations.

6. Do your own inspection of suspension and undercar parts and underhood parts.
Have some 2.0T issues been reduced through year to year improvements or are they consistent throughout the model run?
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Originally Posted by PDXSSCE View Post
Have some 2.0T issues been reduced through year to year improvements or are they consistent throughout the model run?
Fairly consistent.

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IMO, if the car is tuned there is no warranty. The factory (all of them) have engineering derived white papers on the subject.

The service manager is NOT GM. The dealer charges warranty repairs to GM. What the SM says is meaningless and does not obligate GM to anything.

I would agree the SM is a bozzo, but that does not obligate GM to any warranty on a tuned car.
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