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Monster LT1-S Triple Installation, Help Needed.

I'm working to install a Monster LT1-S Triple Disc clutch on my ZL1. Unfortunately, the instructions for shimming the slave cylinder leave some unanswered questions when using an OEM style slave cylinder (with an integrated spring).

Normally, the slave cylinder is installed with the spring compressed about 1/2" which allows plenty of travel to fully disengage the clutch. Monster is saying I need to fully compress the spring to measure and leave at most a 0.2" gap. That seems way too tight.

Here's what a stock clutch and slave cylinder looks like. Notice the compression of the green boot.
Name:  Stock Slave Compression.jpg
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Size:  168.7 KB

Here's about that would look like with the slave cylinder out of the car.
Name:  Stock Slave Compression Alt.jpg
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Size:  145.0 KB

Here's what Monster's recommendation would look like. (Note, the spring pressure is so tight I could barely hold it to take a picture.)
Name:  Monster Slave Compression.jpg
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Size:  130.8 KB

On Monster's site, they have universal instructions for shimming the slave cylinder. I just don't know if I can trust these instructions given that it's so much different from what GM does. The clutch may feel great, but it seems to me this puts way too much unnecessary pressure on the throwout bearing.

I've reached out to Monster multiple times, and they have been less than helpful. I guess somehow a person is just supposed to innately know why Monster clutches need the slave cylinder spring compressed so much in spite of the pressure plate being a stock GM pressure plate. The slave cylinder only needs to travel so far to fully release the clutch, so I don't know what the extra compression of the slave cylinder spring is buying them.

Anyway, does anyone have experience installing one of these? If so, maybe you can help me understand what I'm missing here.

Does it hurt anything for the slave cylinder spring to stay almost fully compressed?

Can the slave cylinder apply enough force to the clutch to damage it? It seems there is far more travel available in the bearing then there is the clutch fingers with the positioning they want to use.

Is the shim that comes with the kit normally all that's needed with a stock transmission, stock slave cylinder, stock crank, etc?

2017 Camaro ZL1 M6
2016 Camaro SS M6 w/LT4 (Sold)

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