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Originally Posted by Mrbobcat View Post
I'm pretty sure the rated hp and tq of 335 and 365 is at the crank, although it does look to be underrated quite a bit. I wouldn't be surprised if the whp is pretty close to those numbers.

If it's anything like BMW the crank numbers are very close to the whp numbers. And the rumors circulating are saying the engine is severely underrated.
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Originally Posted by Spartan268 View Post
If it's anything like BMW the crank numbers are very close to the whp numbers. And the rumors circulating are saying the engine is severely underrated.
Most have found that the whp numbers have been equaling or above the rated crank hp numbers so far (these cars are usually dynoing at 340 whp stock or more unless on a mustang dyno then numbers are lower).

+100 whp from a Race gas tune only seems to be the norm also which could get better as experience increases with the platform. Stock fueling limits look good so far (5000 psi rail pressure high side system looks to be good for 550-600 whp stock but stock turbo will gas out a bit over 500 rwhp and block can handle 1000 LOL).

But yes in my opinion the only real issue I have right now with this car are the CLUELESS dealers (what a big surprise I know LOL). The Toyota dealers have really messed up the initial launch on this car and some of the markups these idiots are asking would make a Ford Stealership Blush LOL.

I'm going to wait for the Dealer idiocy to die down a bit then I'm going to order one (or grab a slightly used one if available at that time).

2016 HB Camaro 1SS A8 with MRC and NPP 398rwhp/389tq stock #s(11.84 @ 117 DR only, ECS boost 550rwhp/510tq (dynapack #s) , same boost + AEM water/meth + ARH Headers/mids 600 rwhp+ (dynojet #s) TTP)10.8 @ 129.
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One of the magazines dynoed it.. some like like 380+ whp. rated at 350.. underrrrrated. like new M5.. dyno 620whp.. rated for 550?
ing for grip.

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