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Please read: Ground Rules and Suggestions for "Ask Al"

Ground Rules and Suggestions:

Avoid Troubleshooting Questions - The bottom line is that this exchange is not intended for general troubleshooting questions. There is a wealth of knowledge here on the forum. Odds are good that if you have an issue with your car, and you or your dealer/mechanic can’t figure it out: someone here has. Also, please remember that Al has been on the Camaro program since Gen 5; questions specific to Gen 4 and earlier may be something he wouldn’t be able to answer.

Phrase your thread title and OP in the form of a question. Clarifying information is, of course, welcome and helpful. But an easy-to-read question will both help users find a topic they are interested in, and help us sort things out for polls.

Obvious Trolls are Obvious - If you're here to troll, or antagonize the Camaro Chief Engineer (or anyone else), look elsewhere to excersize your trouble-making skills. We will remove such threads/posts.

Ask Questions, Don't Lecture - The Camaro Team values your feedback regarding the cars, but this isn't the avenue for that feedback. If you have an opinion regarding the Camaro and its sub-models, save such feedback for the appropriate venues (such as Camaro Fest! ). We’re using this section strictly to ask Al and the Camaro Team some questions.

Think About Your Question - Are you asking something that Al or the Camaro Team can answer? Put yourself in his shoes before expecting an answer. Could you answer it, or would it put your job in jeopardy because you've given away corporate secrets?

Finally, Al and his team designs and builds cars - they don't set policies internally at GM. So a technically-oriented topics are more in their wheelhouse. Please keep that in mind when crafting a question.


(1) Members will post questions that adhere to the above guidelines and discuss them in this “Ask Al” forum. If a member posts something that clearly violates the agreed-upon guidelines, or forum rules, it will be removed.

(2) Once per month mods/admins will randomly select 3-4 questions. These questions will be featured in a week-long poll for members to select the one that will then be submitted to Al and the Team.

(3) The question that wins the poll will be submitted to Al and the Team to be answered.

(4) Once submitted, that thread will be temporarily turned into a sticky, and the word [ASKED] will be inserted in the subject line.

(5) When Al and the Team answers the question, we’ll un-sticky the question thread and then start a new sticky thread with the original subject line and [ANSWERED]. All submitted questions and their answers are also listed in a closed, archive thread.

There’s no limit to how many questions can be posted and discussed, and those question threads which have the most discussion in them are more likely to get picked. So, get to it!!!

-- by Camaro5 moderators Mr. Wyndham and mlee
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