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What Makes a Vendor and When is Sponsorship required?

I've seen some confusion on selling parts here, and I want to make sure all of you know why we make sure vendors have a Sponsor account here to sell their goods. I'll field questions in this thread.

First and foremost, we want you to know who sells parts here. Anyone can sell used goods, but if someone is offering new equipment without owning a shop that's a Sponsor on here, then they are violating our rules. Legitimate shops regularly join forums all over the place to get their names out there.

Additionally, it protects our members from fraud. Let's say Mr. Sketchy wants to sell you a new 427. Without being a legitimate vendor, Mr. Sketchy could be a chop shop that takes motors out of Z06s, or Mr. Sketchy could be taking you for a ride on a broken engine without a warranty. If you want legitimate parts, they're going to be sold by people who have a high-profile presence on a forum, be it Camaro5 or any of the other great communities out there. By doing business with a person that isn't a business, you might find great parts, but you'll also find plenty of hacks.

If members don't know that you're a Vendor-Sponsor, how are you supposed to get a profit on Camaro5? Vendor-Sponsors show up in green text. We all know you're here to share your professional knowledge and high-quality parts with members. You'll make money by doing what you already want to do here, talk about Camaros.

Lastly, all forums have rules. Businesses have to follow rules. They know this because they have to file different taxes and follow different laws. Those of you wanting to sell products need to do so legitimately. It protects you as much as it protects our members. Businesses compete. If you want to stand out for your products, you need to compete legitimately. If you don't a guy selling the same part out of the garage is competing with you with less overhead for a lower cost. We can get rid of the garage guy, but we'll have to assume you're the garage guy if you don't advertise like a legitimate business.

I know this post is long-winded. I know it's not exciting news. The idea here is to educate our members and businesses that Camaro5 takes non-vendor sales seriously. I've seen complaints here about great people going elsewhere to sell their parts, and I'm not happy about it; however, if that guy won't participate within the rules that most online communities have, they'll have to keep doing most of their sales locally and not on the wider market, losing out on sales, visibility, and brand recognition.

If you want to sell goods on Camaro5 as a business, please contact Tran, the forum administrator.
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