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Originally Posted by Bhobbs View Post
GM doesnít respond because they donít care. GM releases a product and moves on. They havenít upgraded an engine during its lifespan since the LS6 and that was almost 20 years ago. The only time they change engines is if one goes out of production, like the 98 Camaro getting the LS1.
They do. I think they are working on the next generation of engines in the Cadillacís and will probably come over at some point. Iíd be cool with a twin turbo dohc engine maybe 😁
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Just a thought... since Chevy already plans to sell the new SS Yenko through chevy dealerships, seems unlikely they would add another premium version Camaro in this generation. If they respond, will likely be after the release of the Yenko (which goes to floor in 2020), which wouldn't be until 2021 = 7th generation Camaro. Am I off in my thinking here?
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Originally Posted by ~Jb View Post
Ok, I'll play again, but please keep in mind that just this past year I became a first time GM owner, hell the ZLE is technically the first "muscle car" I have owned, so take what I say with grains of salt, because it simply the opinion of an outsider (hopefully future Camaro enthusiast) looking in.

First, to give my opinion on the LT5 in the current generation Camaro, no. Why spend the time and resources to drop that motor in? The alpha platform is pretty awesome, but still why,? I mean even if it were a parts bin special? How many people really want an iPhone 6 with the processing chip from an iPhone 10?

Second, and this may be my newness to the brand, but isn't the Z/28 moniker always naturally aspirated? Which is why the ZLE was not the Z/28? And isn't the LT5 supercharged? Again, I have no idea how these motors translate with or without boost, LS this, LT that, I'm learning so by no means do I know what I am talking about yet, but I thought the LT5 is supercharged?

Lastly, and the biggest point of all this dinosaur talk, what about electric? I'm a younger thirty-something male gear head that hates the overall idea of Jetson sounding EV's, but the reality is what it is. Every other car brand has embraced the electric or hybrid technology, except for the big three. This silly American muscle car dick swinging horsepower contest is actually quite funny to me. I mean what does the market really look like for a $100k version of a $30k platform?

Here's my high horsepower Demon, here's my high horsepower Camaro, here's my high horsepower GT whatever sportscar, and there goes a Tesla sedan silently beating the tar out of all of them. Then comes the classic forum argument, but there's no sound, there's no driving experience, blah blah blah. Fact is The Demon is automatic, the new GT500 is automatic, and surprise surprise everyone on these forums seemingly love the A10. So the driving experience has slowly been fading for years and soon enough everyone will jump on board and everything will be auto. Fact is the Redeye and the GT500 are DOA, they will probably sell and do fairly well, but the real winner will be whomever in this segment brings hybrid or electric to the masses. Maybe GM realized this and went out big with the ZLE . . . for now . . . *cough* eCOPO *cough*

Now, all that said I just recently bought a ZLE. Is it the nicest ride? No. Fastest car with the most horsepower? Nope. Nicest Materials? Not even close, but to me it felt the most like a drivers car (I test drove a 350 and a Hellcat for comparison) and was only available in sweet spot six-speed manual, so here I am.
It will require a Congressional act to get people away from internal combustion powered cars. In my lifetime Americans don't take kindly to being ordered about by Government.
Electric is fine if that is what you "WANT". We do love our automatic transmissions though. It's the difference between winning and losing a race.
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