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Originally Posted by L78toLT1 View Post
Kudos for an excellent writeup hyper1SS! I just installed my rpi designs custom painted lower grill and you instructions were invaluable. I'm certain that you saved me from removing a bunch of stuff that did not need to come off and from missing a screw or two that did have to come out. I would have finished up in just over an hour if I had not breaked for lunch after getting the fascia off....l came back downstairs, installed the new grill complete, every single screw only to look on the workbench an spy the crush bumper that I forgot to install lol! I was tempted to leave the damn thing off but thought better of it and yanked the fascia back off. The grill looks good, I'll post some pics when Iget a minute. Lighting in the shop does not do it justice. Thanks again!!
The crush bumper does look a little funny (kinda toothy..), So I've been debating leaving it off when I install my SEMA grille in the spring. Then I thought to myself: they put it there for a reason, and how often are you low enough and in good enough light to really see the crush bumper through the grille?
So, I think you did the right thing
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