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Originally Posted by verdicaysen View Post
Awful. I couldn't get my wheels to hook at all. I posted them up in the Drag discussion for the 1/8 mile time sheet sticky thread. Best 1/4 I could do with my M6 was 13.105. I wasn't happy but I learned a lot about the car. Biggest thing is these things are highly heat resistant - I hot lapped the crap out of the car - 17 runs only two 3 minute breaks. Times kept going down - I credit some of it with fuel loss. I was consistent to a fault if you factor in the quarter tank I used up over 4 hours.

I was 1788 in the attached. I have other footage but my wife took this one on one of my runs. To be fair to the Corvette he was having a really bad day.
Seems like a fun night and got some good practice
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