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Originally Posted by ParisTNDude View Post
We sometimes argue these points of torque vs high RPM engines, but most of us drive these cars day to day. I just can't see the majority of us driving on the street in the power range of the Voodoo engine and having fun. I always loved the second gear, high torque motors Chevrolet offers which are much more streetable than high revving engines.

On the track, it might be a different story, but on slower speed many turn courses such as Laguna Seca, a low speed high torque motor might have an advantage. On long straight away courses like Road America, there might be an advantage for a high revving engine. We will see these comparisons early next year.
Taking sides asise

You knkw what u like to do when im really bearin on a car?

I shuft and lift at three quarters reline.

Its rewardeinf... i tell you what it iz.

Around town..wbwn i beat ona car.. boom immediately shuft 3K before redli ebecause... town...

Jesus christ you guys have ever had sex with a wife lady? Shes saying kw ow kw at 6k....**** it

Metal to the hammer.... 8250 son

Neither car...or the powerpand c6 weirdos will be moaning stop
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