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Originally Posted by Denis View Post
I think its awesome that the American car market is realizing that its not all about stop light to stop light drag races anymore. People want cars they can take to a road course and auto-x and be competitive with their European and Japanese counterparts without modification.
I agree with the awesomeness! I have this thought: GM has a winner in the three major categories of performance cars: Luxury--Cadillac ATS, CTSV, Pony car GT, Camaro Z28, 16 Camaro SS, and of course the all out sports car Corvette Z06.

I would think that Ford would be building a world class winner since they have only one car that really runs well in the Mustang. Seems they could more easily develop it into a car that could be competitive in any category. As it is, there's plenty who think the "base" Camaro may compete handily with Ford's best.

Maybe Ford will build a Lemans contender with the new Ford GT, but I expect the price of one of those on the street will be more than most on this forum could ever afFord.
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