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Its bewildering to me (just mustyoed 2 words.. apologize. ..drunk)

But the fanboys (aka negative connotation) on both sites are embarrassing.

Lets keep it simple. ..

The 350R is going to beat the Z/28..... its lighter... it has more power...its available power is like a set kof double Ds (no matter where your face is... theyre everywhere) it has the suspension to mame it matter...

Do t get me wrong.. people will praiese a d bash it for reasons like

Its newer (compared tk c5 models)
Its lighter (compared to c5 models)
Its late (compared to c5 models)
Seriously...guys... its just a step...

Its gonna beat tbe z/28... the next zl1 or z28 is gonna return the favor

Quit stroking your goddamn cocks tona car only a minority of you can afford.

Arent we all in the same boat afterall? The auto Hellcats are molesting us by a half second (
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