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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
How many actually think that? Most believe it will slot right in between the R and the TP as Ford has stated.
There's not a lot but the posts due pop up in almost every thread the GT350 is mentioned. Here are some highlights lol

Originally Posted by 2SSRS@Gen5diy View Post
Take that POS GT350R and drop it in a crusher, its 7 years newer then the Z/28 and still only gets close to the Z/28, funny how most complain but don't own one or the other, if you add a cab to the car you can get 100+rwhp to it, take the car to the track and have fun, there will always be faster cars.

P.S. is the 1ss gen6 car not faster now then the GT350?
Originally Posted by Snoman View Post
Right? So much fun when Ferarambo owners come to our Camaro forum to discuss how track capable they think their son's future Ford model is trying to competing against a 5 year old Camaro.

Complete reviews on the 6th gen are out finally, this fabled GT350 just got schooled and has been found lacking, yet again.
Originally Posted by Snoman View Post
Agree to some extent, but this car is not hitting the open market for another year and is considerably under powered to the V8's GM is putting on the road by then. With some tuning, the turbo 4 will even out perform the GT350, which is scary. The '16 R has earned respect to enter the ballpark of older model Z/28 / 911 territory for sure, but even their "prototype" models have been found lacking at the pro level.

Originally Posted by MEDISIN View Post
GT350 has been noticeably absent from all comparisons this year. Still no performance numbers of any kind and orders for 2015 models still sitting idle. It will be included in the 2016 R&T PCOTY which usually hits in November. I'm starting to wonder if the results are less than stellar, i.e. metrics being withheld so orders aren't cancelled.
Again not alot but there are a few that think the GT350 won't be as fast as the majority believe it will be

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