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Originally Posted by Chutzpah View Post
Cover as much as possible, the clear and paint on these cars is terrible. 2500 miles and 4 very small nicks- 2 on hood, 1 front bumper and 1 just past clear bra already installed at rear wheel wells. I stay clear of other cars / trucks too. Not kidding, a good size, sharp grain of sand can chip the clear coat through to the paint. Iíll be doing the entire hood, front bumper, rockers and further back at rear quarters. Will hate paying for it (because the factory paint shouldnít chip this easy) but will be happy when itís done.
Cover the entire car if you can swing it. If you are like me and are bothered by road wear imperfections then having the entire car covered will make driving it a lot more enjoyable since the PPF will take almost all of the abuse. It also makes washing the car a lot less stressful since you donít have to worry about putting fine scratches in the paint when wiping it down/drying. I covered just the front end on my GT350R and after that experience I sucked it up and paid to have the whole car covered when I got the ZLE. I skipped the ceramic coating on the ZLE too since From my experience that doesnít provide a benefit that outweighs the cost.
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