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Originally Posted by pinoyscorpion951 View Post
What part of the Middle East are you from. I was looking at pictures of the Qatar Camaro club on FB and IG damn....those guys were rolling deep To answer your question though, Roto fab has been tested by several third parties already and it's the only one where there were actual gains on the dyno. It's also apparently the only one that doesn't skew the MAF readings as well. I'm surprised CAI is not on that list also. BadBowTies just tested that one on the track not too long ago and there was an improvement in quarter mile times with that intake. It looks like the whistle issue with it has been resolved. I had a CAI on my 5th gen and loved it. For the 5th gen JRE tested it and it was one of the best if not the best if you paired it with the racing scoop. Unfortunately, other than the runs at the track by BadBowTies, no other third party has verified that there was any improvement over stock or that it doesn't skew the MAF readings. Not sure about the other ones you mentioned. Kropscamaro has the AFE intake and he seems to like it. I don't know anyone that has airaid.
Originally Posted by enzia35 View Post
CAI or Roto-Fab.
Originally Posted by Fahad6 View Post
I am from Saudi Arabia and going to attend with Qatar Camaro club, I know thay CAI is a great intake system but I like the look of the roto fab and the pthers I mentioned, Roto fab is the best choise for now because ordering an intake will cost me shipping because of my location so need the verified one.
Thanks for the info and support guys! Please let me know of you have any questions specific to our CAI.

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