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Update IV: I killed the pads 8500 miles later. Within this period, I have done 3 full track days (20mins x 4 sessions each), 50 autocross runs, a lot of very spirited mountain pass drives in tight Southern California canyons, + have used these "track/street" pads on my commute in heavy Los Angeles traffic.
I could have definitely got more life out of them, but the rear calipers/pads on LS/LT model are way too small.

Pad measurements before brake job:
FL: 4.5mm/3.5mm
FR: 4.5mm/4.00mm
RL: 4.5mm/3.25mm
RR: 3.75mm/2.75mm (wore down to the squealer tab)

Since there are no other retail track pad options for LS/LT calipers, I am sticking to DFC 1000.

Worst wear on rear right pad:


Wear on one of the front pads:
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