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Originally Posted by TMasticTB91 View Post
Wanted to share a pic of the rubber baseboard idea for those interested.

I picked up a piece of Black Dahlia rubber baseboard from Lowe's for $1.89. The great thing about it is the curved lip that tucks perfectly in-between the dash and windshield. This piece is a bit lighter than the dashboard (in the pic the car is also has the sun) but it it's hardly noticeable and likely less so to those that don't know what it is. It's also long enough for two pieces, in case you want one for testing and one to "dress up" a bit.

It might not be perfect but hey, $2 fix and much easier than fanangling a microfiber towel into this space. I'll probably just keep it there unless I actually need to defrost.

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I found it at Home Depot for only a little more money but it is working for me. The only issue I have is the outgassing of the vinyl on the area of the windshield. I can live with that as it does not interfere with visibility like the condensation does.
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