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Originally Posted by Phil zl1 View Post
I had a 2016 Amg Gt s for almost two years and replaced it in june with a 2020 Zl1 which i sold for a profit due to crazy used car prices. I now have a 2022 Zl1 10 speed auto. How do you even compare a Camaro ss to an Amg Gts .Seriously? The Amg is on a whole other level. Not the same price point either. The Gt s definitely has a special feel to it . Driver /car connection that very few cars can provide. Not knocking the Camaro but it is not in the same league. Zl1 is a big step up but still.
I guess the simple answer is you ignore the prices and evaluate how the cars make you feel! It's not fair, but it's fun!

Update: Ah, I think misunderstood. You mean the experience is of the AMG is on a whole other level, not just the price. I agree with you that the sense of driver connection to the car is amazing in the AMG. I'll add that some of my best drives of my life have been in the Camaro SS. So, although some of the connection/feedback is missing in the Camaro, the excitement is still 100% there.

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