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The ZL1-1LE makes it damn near impossible to have an NA Z/28, the engine would have to go super-exotic to make the kind of power that would eclipse the 1LE and it's so damn fast and track-tuned already that I seriously doubt a lower HP NA engine around the 500-550hp level is going to have a chance in hell of beating it. Maybe if they did a flat-crank V12 like ferarri and was able to get 700 NA HP, but that ain't going to happen, no way they'd invest in those kind of materials and that kind of development. The only way I see this going down is with the LT5, with the only possible ace being a smaller displacement hot-V twin turbo, but again, I'd doubt they'd invest that much into it (but then, what goes in the mid-engined Corvette Z06/ZR1?). I think they'd have to push NA development to levels they just won't go to for the Z/28 to be NA.

Maybe I'll be wrong, but for them to eclipse the current ZL1-1LE by any significant amount would take something that will surpass so many hypercars that I just don't see it.
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