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Unfortunately, I ,respectfully, believe that GM's just not in touch with what customers want. Look how sales have slid the last few years. Camaro is on the bottom, and trucks have not been as well-received either. Numbers help sell cars, but I don't know that the numbers GM perceives as important actually reflect those that customers do.

Hellcat-cars are all known for their power. How are you going to come to a race with a 50-horsepower deficit? Yes - weight-to-power makes up for most of that, but the public doesn't know, and necessarily care. If you want to compete, you have to be competitive in your segment, and not enough people care about lap times - they want strip times and benchracing bragging rights (i.e. the highest horsepower numbers). You can say that people track their cars, but do you think people track their cars more than people run their cars down the strip? I think it's easier for people to run down the strip because it's just easier. Who doesn't like heating the tires up in the box just before running down the strip for several seconds at WOT?

Then there's the Mustang and 700-plus horsepower. Here again - Camaro's more than 50-horse behind. Sure - maybe 1LE will hang around a course, but I think the majority of people want the raw power. That feeling of being pinned into the seat. People are also going to see a competition between Hellcats and the Cobra just from horsepower and see Camaro's behind significantly, and just forget it's even there.

I remember reading that when GM was trying to rebuild the Cadillac brand about ten years ago, they wanted to be competitive with the Germans. One of the strategies to appear competitive, according to them, was to raise the price closer to the competition because they thought a higher price would make the customer perceive a better product. That doesn't make sense to me, but maybe I'm in the wrong. I know I don't just spend money on the more expensive product just because it costs more. I'm sure I'm leaving stuff out of this example, but it's apparent actions like that that make me think GM management is just not in touch.

I could be completely off on all that. But - sales have slumped bad. Maybe Camaro's been priced out of the market. This is a great generation that has just not been well-received. I think it's a better car that Mustang and Challenger, but it's not resonating. Maybe it's price and maybe GM's just made a car for the magazines. Camaro needs some numbers though. Well all care about lap times, but more people can identify with strip times, and with horsepower numbers. Camaro needs LT5, IMO, and it needs it at a comparable price to the competition. Will it get it? I doubt it.

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