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Let me start off by saying everything has a place in the performance world and I am not against WM injection but feel like I need to share the potential downsides so people are more informed.

Probably one of the most asked questions I hear and see, because they are advertised to add power with no details as to how that power was achieved.

I have been dealing with Water meth Injection since 1981 LOL showing my age.

Q1. How much power will I get form adding Meth injection?

The truth is this is a loaded question and the short answer is NO, and the long answer is Yes there is potential.

Take a fully tuned car on gasoline, whether it is supercharged or NA turn the system on and LOSE 30 RWHP. TRUTH.

Q2. Then how do I get more power from WM injection?

Through Tuning, it must be combined with less fuel through the injection and more timing and this is where it gets hairy, a pump, line, solenoid, nozzle failure or running out of WM, can take out the engine when the fuel stops flowing you will have too much timing and not enough fuel for the air flow entering the engine.

Q3. Why does everyone recommend it on the internet.

LOL because crap flows downhill and gains momentum.

Q4. What applications best utilize WM injection

Water Meth injection works best on NON intercooled supercharged applications at what we deem at normal boost levels 8-12 psi. or very high boost applications that are intercooled but unable to keep IAT in check.

Q5. I don't have enough fuel to support my Supercharger can I just add WM injection.

This is a bad Idea on so many levels, NEVER use WM injection to supplement an inadequate fuel system for target HP.

Q6. At What IAT should I consider WM injection

I feel like 150 IAT is Normal and if your IAT is consistently above that start looking at the intercooler system first, not put a bandaid on a broken leg.

Once you have exhausted all options to improve your intercooler system then we start to consider WM injection.

Example on my personal car 1300 HP 427 with 25 PSI boost on Race gas My IAT starts a 100 degrees and was 200 degrees at the Stripe in a 1/4 Mile so this is a case where the enormous intercooler is just being overwhelmed by the heat production of the supercharger and needs some Help so I added Meth injection for intercooling.

Q7. I only have 91 octane but want to run 15 psi boost on my intercooled supercharged engine.

This is a case where Octane is the limiter and we can use Meth injection to supplement Octane and provide some IAT reduction but again refer to Q2. answer.

The better option is to add Octane.

Q.7 How much timing must be added to take advantage of WM injection?

This will vary widely with combination but in most cases 4-6 degrees before you start to see more power than on pump gasoline alone, SEE THE DANGER HERE?

Q.8 how much fuel do I have to pull from the tune.

That will vary widely based on combination, nozzle size, and controller settings, so the more WM you inject the more Fuel you must take away from the tune, SEE THE DANGER HERE?

Q.9 is WM dependable?

In my experience of dealing with it since 1981 the short answer is no, and that gets worse with installation and maintenance techniques.

Yes systems have gotten better but not to the point where I feel comfortable installing on every car that comes in the door like many shops.

Opportunity to sell something good or bad, OH they work great you need one, SMH.

I am not looking for any chest puffers to dispute anything stated here with their 1 experience with 1 system, this is meant to be informative discussion that anyone is welcome to ask more questions and add to the discussion.

As questions are asked I will add them to this thread along with my answers.
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