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Originally Posted by ssrs396 View Post
I am glad you went back to this design with some tweeks looks good. Is there any way you could use this vent to your new design? Lose the centerline and then change the gills in the back. Then starting with the upper vent line, make them skinnier and curve slightly with the wheel arch. Try 3 gills then maybe 2. I like the direction you are going.
The thing with side vents is there are SO many sizes, shapes and variations you can choose but only one of them will look "right". You would not believe how much time I've spent tweaking shapes, sizes and LOCATION trying to get something that looked like it should be there.

Here are a couple of variations of front side vents, which may or may not work with rear side vents. It's real easy to clutter up the design if you put too many visual elements in there.
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