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Much better! I started to post about lowering the beltline at the windshield in my last post, but didn't have time to describe what I envisioned so I deleted it. That's pretty close! I was also going to recommend putting a bottom back into the lower radiator opening. It looked very unfinished to my eye. This is much sleeker.

I really don't see much 4thgen in that at all. *shrug*

The car still really needs hips though, prominent hips scream "I'm ready to pounce, if you don't get out of my way I'll eat you!" That's what a powerful RWD V8 car should say, IMO.
I like view B for the hood, it looks cluttered because you have to draw lines there rather than shadows. Try getting rid of the line at the front of both depressions to simulate a smooth transition from the flat part of the hood, then widening them by moving the outside lines further toward the fender?

Also, the mirrors need to be larger. They're disproportionally small.

Oh, one other important thing for now... I think the windshield is too flat. Can you curve it out toward the front, at least the bottom edge?

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