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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
I've added some elements including a few based on feedback. On view C I added some fender flares to the wheel wells, started to add the 'reverse mullet' on the roof, cleaned up the front side marker light, and added Angrybird's idea of the NASA scoop on the hood.

Once I started adding some of these details, to my eye it started to clutter up the look. The clean fender well edges, the clean roof and hood really works visually with this particular design. So....

On view B I got rid of the mullet and flares and put my original idea of a hood bulge created by putting recessed areas in the hood next to where the bulge would be if the center of the hood were bulged upward. This creates the visual illusion of a bulge and creates two areas where hood vents could be.

On view A the hood is cleaned up even further with a simple, traditional style hood bulge.
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Although I really liked my idea of the recessed hood bulge in view B, I have to say... visually... to me, view A looks the best on this body design. What do you guys think? Too retro? Too 5th gen?
On the last one the scoop needs to raise up like on the 4th gen, the way you have it there looks looks like it goes down into the hood similar to what the Mustang had in the 90's
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