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Originally Posted by S&B RC Speedway View Post
It's been a journey to say the least. I own a white 2016 SS Camaro that I knew I wanted to supercharge. After exhaustive research knowing my goals and Factory look I was after I went ahead and pulled the trigger and bought all necessary items to complete the build with an LT4 Supercharger. I have been following ADM Performance due to their success around this exact build. Andy at ADM sold me the parts necessary to make the swap happen. My friend and I tackled this job at my house over the last few weekends and we are in final stages of getting everything buttoned up and throwing a tune on.
One thing that came to be a great surprise was ADM Performance and Andy. They have supported us throughout the entire build from start to finish. When I say support anything we have asked about we have gotten immediate response with detailed text and images to support stages of build. I am a huge believer that support on the backside of the sale leads to additional sales from same buyer. I would and will continue to buy from ADM - hats off to Andy for not only selling but SUPPORTING his products. Anyone thinking about LT4 Supercharger on your Camaro its such a clean install. I will share pics over next week and also share my driving impressions.
Would you mind sharing your cost for all of the parts? Who is doing the tune? ADM?
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