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Thank you Al Oppenheiser!
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Batch to batch variation on metallic paint is common. Also, differences in "flop" of the fleck in metallic paints are common even when painted in the same booth by the same person with the same batch of paint. So even when the color matches, you can get visible differences in shade (and/or color with tinted fleck) depending on ambient light and viewing angle. But this is typically only a concern on high-end custom paint jobs, not something we would normally care about from the factory.

6th gen ZL1 wheels are notorious for huge variations in color due to the nature of the 3 layer paint. For some, G7Q Nightfall Grey Metallic is a perfect touchup match. For others it's nowhere close.

As stated by Vchula, because the plastic bits are not painted on the assembly line with the bodies with the same robots and same batch of paint, you will always see some kind of variation. Normally it's not too bad. But when it is, you get what you see in the OPs picture.
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