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Originally Posted by 2010SSRSM6 View Post
Open with two kids playing with their hot wheels in the front yard. Make it look like the late 60's and have a 67-69 Camaro drive by with both kids staring at it and have kid # 1 say "When I grow up, I'm going to own one of those!", then kid # 2 states "Well, I'm going to own two of them!", followed by a stern look from kid # 1.

Flash forward to present. Kid # 1 pulls up to kid # 2's house in a brand new C6 Camaro in a matching color of the one that drove by 40 years earlier. Kid 2 comes outside and looks it over and gives him positive feedback on the nice car. Kid #1 goes over options, power, mpg, whatever they want to talk about in the add. Kid # 2 turns and proceeds to open the garage and the new Z/28 or ZL1 is parked next to the 1st gen from the intro and kid 2 states "told you so!" Then the grown up version of kid # 1 gives kid # 2 the same look from the intro. Chevrolet Camaro, building friendships that can last a lifetime.......sometimes.
That would be a cool ad!
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