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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
Not that some may care, but there is some info that ford may drop a 330+ HP/330+ TQ turbo 4 in its next gen base Mustang. That is impressive. Whether its true or not, who knows, but the engine does exist and used in the European market.

If Chevy bumps power to 300+ HP and TQ then I can see them using it in the base Camaro assuming the car is in the 3,400 lb range. Then it will perform very similar if not a bit better than today's V6. Otherwise if the power is lower, or the weight is higher then there will still be reason for a V6 which hopefully will have even more HP than today's 323HP LFX.

If the weight is low and the power of the turbo 4 is 300+ then I really see no reason for a V6 option (as much as I hate to say that because I want to see the V6 return). I do think a TTV6 is a real possibility for sure.
Do not doubt what KMPrenger says I have learned a lot from reading his posts. But I personally think with the standards of power and fuel economy going up progressively we will see similar power with better fuel economy. The Gen V engines will be the basis for the rest of the camaro line up unfortunately. Personally if we had a lower displacement twin turbo 6 or a single turbo normal displacement 6 I would be happy. Not to mention if you bump the performance of the 6 alone ford will have to desperately try to keep up.
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