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Originally Posted by wylde1 View Post
I heard mention that there will be smaller overhangs on the front and back bumpers (i.e. tires closer to the extreme corners of the car) that'll mean better handling and weight distribution. but it also means that they will probably be a similar wheelbase meaning the cabin will probably be a similar size. Just the frame "pick up points" where the body attaches will change. You'd be surprised how much they can change on a car without affecting how it looks from the outside. and remember, "smaller" is a relative word in teh car world. It's not gonna be the size of a beetle, I'd be surprised if it was much more than 2-3 " shorter/narrower (body work speaking, the frame is likely to be very different)

I wouldn't expect to see anything drastic. it certainly won't be the same difference as between the gen4 and 5 cars. Like everything else, the first crack at something is never the best. These are great cars, don't get me wrong. But by 2014 they'll have had some great real world test data, and time to get a good look at what can be tweaked to make it just a bit better.

Right now it's an axe murderer, deadly and effective, but not as clean an precise as it could be.

gen6's are going to be like Dexter. Calculated, extremley smart, and just better than everyone else at what they do.
nice comparison!
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