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Originally Posted by GunMetalGrey View Post
We agree on most of that, but I don't understand why you are saying Chevy does not see the need to adjust anything due to ride height.

Interesting, I'd like to know as well.
I'm quoting what the guy from SPL said, so I can't comment on whether or not he is right. My track has 19 turns in a 1 minute and 20 second lap so it is corner heavy and technical.

This could all be a waste of money but only one thing is for sure, he definitely wants mine!
Everybody wants our money. All the time. And especially if they sense we may not clearly understand causes and effects

What exactly are you trying to fix handling wise? You knocked off a tremendous 3 seconds of your laptime with stickier tires and improved driving alone. Given your track config, i would not do anything that - even remotely:
1) reduces responsiveness of the car
2) increases tire wear

Remember, fix has to be based on what a driver feels, not what some guy tells you, that sells parts. I suspect if he sold shocks he would insist you swap those as well, to match the springs. Etc, etc. If you start listening to others vs yourself, the list will be infinite and your car at an ever changing state of flux. And eventually you may start taking parts out, because it doesnt feel right anymore.

If you want more camber, just get camber plates! Those and rear toe lock out make sense. However, if ya run 2.5 and 2.0, adjust up based on YOUR tire wear and do it in small increments (on the front, obviously) lest you can ruin a pair of F tires in a day (ive seen it done first hand). More is not always better. It all depends on a venue, driving style, tire, etc. So, thats another thing YOU must pay attention to as a driver and adjust accordingly. Not "some guy" that has never driven your car and/or your track.

Bottom line: it is your wallet. But even if ya have plenty of spare cash burning a hole in it, spend it wisely and spend it on items that will give ya best return on investment.
My cents anyway. Cheers!
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