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Originally Posted by 90503 View Post
By variants, perhaps you mean "options" or "choices" in the V-8 (s) ??
LT1 (with or without AFM, in either auto or manual trans)?, LT4 (Super-charged, turbo-charged)...Also, perhaps thinking incorrectly, that AFM is not "do-able" with some form of forced-induction..?

Just sayin', an option list for V-8 engines would be awesome, and right up Chevy's reputation for being able to interchange engines....(Perhaps crystal ball is getting a little foggy here)
Just a year ago...AFM wasn't doable with manual transmissions....but they figured it out for the C7 Corvette. So...never say never, I guess is my point.

All I meant my "variants" was...when GM rolls over a new generation of V8...there are always different versions, for different engines, truck engines, FE engines, HO engines, blown engines, etc, etc....

May not have an a la carte list on the fact, my money is on definitely not...but we can't assume that the engine the 6th-gen Camaro get will be THE LT-1...could be a different variant, like how Chevy upgraded the LS1 to the LS6 to the LS2 to the LS3 within 6-8 years....
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