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Originally Posted by Mr. Wyndham View Post
Your best bet is to look into the new Gen-V small blocks that GM has developed. I'm sure there will be many variants, but the LT-1 in the new Corvette pumps out 450+hp/450+torque, with a torque curve similar to the LS7 up to about 4000 rpms...and dramatically increased fuel economy, too. long as your crystal ball is polished - you're guess is as good as mine!
By variants, perhaps you mean "options" or "choices" in the V-8 (s) ??
LT1 (with or without AFM, in either auto or manual trans)?, LT4 (Super-charged, turbo-charged)...Also, perhaps thinking incorrectly, that AFM is not "do-able" with some form of forced-induction..?

Just sayin', an option list for V-8 engines would be awesome, and right up Chevy's reputation for being able to interchange engines....(Perhaps crystal ball is getting a little foggy here)

Originally Posted by SRT8Tech View Post
Thanks, gives what they used to be...but those links for the LT1 sort of showed that using the old codes for engines doesn't mean much these

Originally Posted by baby02 View Post
AFM on the 2014 stringray with have the option of turning on or off by the owner.
If true, that sounds like a definite "upgrade" from the current LS3/L99..

Originally Posted by OldScoolCamaro View Post
The skinny is that they are pitting the LF3<3.6 L TT> against the LT1<naturally aspirated 6.2L>, and the LF3 against the LT1 with a supercharger (ala LT4, as mentioned previously, but not specified in the report by the same engine nomenclature) in the next Gen Cadillac's. Stay tuned.
Wondering again about Camaro V-8 options...would rather see them available as a choice from the beginning, instead of year-to-year assembly line change that would only be available for that particular year...
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