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Originally Posted by Bhobbs View Post
I don't see them pumping Z/28s out but I bet they build a decent number.

Like I said earlier, the LT1 is the base engine so if makes the most HP, the LT series will be a disappointment. I see it being like the LS where the later engines were more powerful.
Here's the thing. We only know of the LT1 as the largest gen V engine. We know it produces 450HP. If this is the case I don't see a variety of engines made. Maybe a 5.3L SS and LT1 powered Z? Or LT1 in every v8 camaro. The power output of engines will begin to go down. Not up. May be standard as the 6th gen with 450hp throughout the series, but eventually they will either discontinue the camaro or make them like 80s models with much less HP. I see the first option coming quickly as GM will not repeat what took place there.

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