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Originally Posted by High Magnitude View Post
Do you think Chevy will sacrifice the perfect 5 star crash rating from the NHTSA and IIHS to make it faster? And which would you prefer?
I think if it does come up a little short of a perfect 5-star rating for any reason, it won't be because Chevy made an intentional safety sacrifice in the name of incrementally better performance.

Your question as to individual preference is a lot tougher to answer and probably depends on how each individual views his own driving history (and how much of it there is to look back on - I've got a little over 50 years worth).

For me, and as politically correct as I can word it . . . I've owned cars that probably wouldn't have even rated a single star had the star rating system been in effect at the time - and totaled one of them. So I'd certainly be comfortable enough at four stars. Maybe even three. And I'd still track the car (road course HPDE stuff, at whatever speed I felt comfortable doing at the time).

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