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Originally Posted by Monchy36 View Post
OP you know I have a lot of respect for you! And I thanks God that you are one of the lucky ones that can afford a ZL1 or any car that you after... But you forgetting one point here... If GM do this what's going to happen when you want to sell parts of your car that you don't need or don't want? Like your wheels right now... If was only made for ZL1 how you going to sell them? Me personally don't need the power but love the look! Can't afford the real one, a least can enjoy the way my car looks now... It's no different than any other body kit..
I love you too, (no homo) But the rims I wasn't really referring to, or minimal things like the grille or rockers. It was more so the major exterior body components. Me personally, I don't want to sell anything exterior wise. If it was made for my car, im keeping it as it was made for a reason. For $59k, I'd be nuts to do that, in my opinion. If GM made the front fenders, front bumper and possibly did the rear end(wider body)different then the other trims I'd be fine with that. It would just separate the high end model from the others slightly, that's all. I know there would be people that will go to hell and high water to replicate it, but it would deter the majority to want to spend $5k(let's say) to do so.

I'm not knocking anyone's Camaro claiming there's is better or worse(or less elite, , I've never been one to say things just so I gain popularity or friends, etc. This is just how I feel. To each his own. The LT, LS, 1LE look good as they rolled off production in their own right.