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Originally Posted by The Maverick View Post
That's interesting, since I believe all of the front and rear fascias are painted separately from the rest of the car and won't necessarily match up, particularly in the eye of a detail-oriented paint and body man. (The shop I am working with thought both my 2016 and 2021 had repainted front bumpers, due to the non-matching metallic paints, until I read here on the forums that the bumper fascias come to the assembly line pre-painted.)

Other than the lack of a match for the metallic paint, was there some other problem with the paint on the front fascia? What portions of the car will they be painting and/or blending?

While I would like to have front and rear fascias that match up better with the rest of the car, I would also be concerned about potentially ending up with something worse than I started with...
There were no other defects other than the difference you can see. Iím a little hesitant because I know it could end up worse than what I have now but i see it as- I spent some decent coin on a nice new car, it should be all one color. If they mess it up trying to fix it, Iíll push to have them repaint the whole car to make it right. Might be a long shot but I believe in getting what you pay for
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