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Originally Posted by wrankin View Post
I add the OEM rockers PPF'd after I had them repainted. Last tear I got the MRR-017 1LE replica wheels and added the ZL1 Addons rock guards. In my case, it seems that the PPE on the rockers is now not needed. I know the MRRs don't have as much offset, but I would go for the rock guards first, and then keep an eye on the side skirts and add the PPF later if you notice road rash, IMHO

Yours is a path similar to the one I've followed, I am going to install side skirts as a last step once the car is out of hibernation. With my MRR-017s, these rock guards drastically reduced, but did not fully eliminate rock chips on the rockers (luckily, most of them are in the protected areas).
Here's to hoping side skirts will complete the job
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